Payment Automation 101

The Chris Elmore

In the landscape of automation, software, processes and payments there is a new idea that is just starting to show real signs of its usefulness – Payment Automation.

There is a lot of “automation” out there

  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Facilities Automation
  • Assembly Line Automation
  • Engineering Automation
  • Salesforce Automation

The Old Days

What they have in common is the idea that before automation, there were people who did manual tasks that were then replaced by some type of technology. Having worked with companies to automate their Account Payable process, I find there is a continual battle to help organizations understand that they have 8500+ hours out there waiting to be freed up. The rub with Accounts Payable Automation is if you don’t need the additional time, automation won’t work for your company.

The Twist

Working with clients to automate their payment process hasn’t worked the same way. Within companies, especially…

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