The Fierce Writer

Your first love…

Hearing those words crushed my soul

Because it wasn’t me.

She changed you 

when she broke your heart

She made you bitter

She made you think love was

something that isn’t worth the


Every girl after her had to suffer

because of the pain she caused

You cheated on girls ever since

Refused to be vulnerable

Because whether you admit it

or not

She broke you

So you wouldn’t allow anyone

else to break you the way she did

So instead you broke them

Then I came along…

We greeted and smiled at each other

Day in

Day out

I knew your history with girls 

So I stayed away from you

I didn’t have the courage to love


because my heart was just as


But you said that I’m different

You told me the name of 

the girl that changed you

So I laid…

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