The attitude of gratitude

365 Days With Anna

Let us nurture the attitude of gratitude. 

I am grateful for my family, friends, workmates and students.  Without these wonderful human beings, life wouldn’t be worth living.

I am grateful for the nurses, doctors and hospital staff who have made my cancer journey less difficult.

I am thankful for the chance to slow down and find time to think, reflect, pray and praise God.

I am thankful for the gift of 365 Days with Anna.  What an amazing experience it has been to be able to write and share my stories.

I have met many ‘breast friends’ this past year.  I am thankful for Laarni, Sandra, Jane, Trish, Raj, Meg, Lydia, Janet, Ayanthi, Amelia,  Patricia, Tinette, Sandra, Kate, Mares and Shellah.  I have met some ‘breast friends’ through 365 Days and I am filled with gratitude.

My recovery has been a big blessing.  I am grateful to be healthy.  I…

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