Be SMART from the time you wake up

But being smart is relative? Probably that’s the question you ask yourself after reading the title. You are not completely out. By you being ‘SMART’ I mean, how you set your day’s goals  each morning you wake up. After thanking your Maker for the peaceful night and dedicating your day sit down and figure out what you want to achieve in that particular day. Keep your goal(s) SMART.

S goes for Specific. The more specific a goal is the easier it is to focus on it. The moment it is obscure you wont be able to attain it. For example, say I’ll get an A in this exam rather than saying I’ll pass in this exam.

M goes for Measurable. Ensure that the your goal can be assessed to ascertain whether you have attained it or not. It would be of no use to come up with a goal that you will never know whether you attained or not.

A stands for Attainable. Set goals which are attainable. Goals which you have control over. It would be absurd to say that I’ll grow 2 inches taller by next month. You do not have control over your height.

R stands for Realistic. Your goals should be realistic. It would be impractical for a businessman to open shops today and expected super-profits the following day.

T stands for Time. Every goal is time-bound. That is, it should be attained within a given period of time. Say, I want my sales to grow by 20% by October 31 this year. 

Remember to write your goal(s) on a paper, not even on your electronic gadget. It will help you internalize them as you jot them down. 

Finally I will also appreciate if you decide to be SMART even in your wardrobe selection.



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